YAROSLAV SOBOL • Menina and Golden Bitcoin. (Inspired by Diego Velázquez). 2021

A little girl is holding a gold coin, which depicts the letter “B” with two stripes. This is Bitcoin.
For some, it’s just a cryptocurrency.
However, this horned letter can evoke other associations as well.
For example, the BEAST.
Thus, the usual genre scene takes on a completely different meaning. We see Beauty and the Beast, whom she holds in her hand and plays with him. Perhaps even trying to see his reflection in him.
Compositionally, the coin is located against the background of the night city.
Formally, Gold Bitcoin is very similar to a night city. The shine of the coin resembles the burning windows of the night city. The coin, as it were, dissolves in this city, becomes its integral part. She becomes the personification of the thoughts and desires of people living behind these windows.
For some of these people, the glitter of gold is more mesmerizing than the shimmer of the moon, more dazzling than the radiance of the sun. For their hearts, it replaces both the Sun and the Moon and becomes their personal Black Sun.
Thus, an ordinary, seemingly childish portrait turns before us into an epic saga about the meaning of life: either to be hypnotized by the brilliance of this yellow metal and obey this beast or just live and feel the joy of life, enjoy the possession of gold and be its owner but not his slave.

But one question never ceases to torment me: “What is this little girl doing in the middle of the night city with a gold bitcoin in her hand?” I would very much like to know that.

YEAR 2021
MEDIUM Oil on canvas
SIZE 100×75 cm. // 39,4×29,6 in.

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