Renowned Ukrainian artist Yaroslav Sobol, known for his captivating works, is set to grace the pages of the 24th issue of JUTURNA Male Art Magazine, hitting stands on January 1st, 2024.

In Sobol’s concise statement, he articulates a profound belief in the transformative power of art to counteract global challenges. For him, good art possesses the unique ability to steer humanity away from destructive tendencies, fostering harmony and inspiring positive, creative energy.

The magazine not only features a captivating display of Sobol’s artwork but also includes a detailed interview with the artist. This interview provides readers with a unique opportunity to delve into the mind of the creator, exploring the motivations and philosophies that drive Sobol’s artistic journey.

As Sobol’s unique creations aim to fill the world with joy and optimism, the upcoming feature in JUTURNA Male Art Magazine promises to be a visual and intellectual delight. Don’t miss the chance to experience Sobol’s contribution to the world of art and gain insights into his artistic process through the exclusive interview included in this issue.

Patrick Mc Donald

Publisher / Chief editor
J U T U R N A   M A G A Z I N E