Born in Kharkiv (Ukraine). In 1984–1988 studied at Kharkiv Childrens Art School #2. Graduated with honors. In 1988–1992 studied at Kharkiv State Art College in the department of painting. Graduated with honors. In 1992–1997 studied at Kharkiv Institute of Fine and Industrial Arts (now Kharkiv Academy of Design and Arts) at the department of “Drawing”. Took an external degree and graduated with honors. Won the competition among the students of the institute for training in Germany. Boris (Bob) Mikhailov and Sergey Bratkov were among members of jury. In 1997 trained at Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts.


I love high quality Hollywood movies. A period known as the Golden Age of Hollywood is my favorite.That movies are very beautiful and kind. Like a dream, like a fairy tale … I think I like them because in my works I also try to create a fairy and ideal World. As Mother Teresa said: “Life is a beauty. Admire it. Life is a dream. Do it. Life is an adventure. Dare for it!”



Born in Zaporizhzhya (Ukraine). In 1988–1992 studied at Kharkiv State Art College in the sculpture department. Graduated with honors. In 1992 was admitted to Kharkiv Institute of Fine and Industrial Arts (now Kharkiv Academy of Design and Arts) without entrance exams, having won the competition among graduates of Kharkiv State Art College. Studied at the department of “Sculpture”. In 1997 graduated the institute with honors. Won the competition among the students of the institute for training in Germany. Boris (Bob) Mikhailov and Sergey Bratkov were among members of jury. In 1997 trained at Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts.


Most people are concerned about the same problems: poverty, corruption, disease, war, ecology, etc. Progressive humanity is struggling with these problems. Politicians, scientists, doctors, teachers, the military – everyone, each in his own place, is trying to keep our civilization from sliding into apocalyptic chaos.

Artists are also trying to make a modest contribution to this common cause. Good art, in my opinion, can also slightly push humanity away from a dangerous trait. Contemplation of a beautiful picture harmonizes the inner world of a person, calms his nerves, мakes happy. When a person is calm, he has less desire to join any destructive actions. On the contrary, he has the strength to create something new and positive. He is full of creative energy and with this he fills the world around him.

I hope my art also fills our world with creative energy, gives joy, optimism, motivates to create something new and beautiful.

My images are often women, because they are the most beautiful and perfect.

In my opinion, the uniqueness of each artist depends on how deep he can look into himself. How much courage to do it. This is a very difficult path. However, it must be passed.


The painting arrived safely. It is more beautiful to see it finally in real life the detail and effort that has gone into the painting. Yaroslav has a true talent which is such a rare gift. He has real ability to see beauty in things and capture it on canvas.

Angela Antwi-AgyeiCollector from United Kingdom

Can recommend Gala Sobol to anyone. I was pleased with overall experience. Delivery timeframe as promised and very neat and safe packaging.

Julie SmithCollector from United Kingdom

Stunning! I am so impressed! Love everything about those paintings. You have tremendous talent and imagination. I am so happy that i bought them. They are way better in person; exceptional quality. Thank you so much.

Cristina CarataCollector from the USA

I am so pleased with the painting and it has far exceeded my expectations. I have placed it over my fire place and admire it all the time.
The colours are vibrant and Yaroslav has such a great talent. 
The delivery took quite a while but was certainly worth the weight. The packaging was excellent and great communication.
I would highly recommend a purchase from this artist.
Thank you Yaroslav 🙂

Jacquie WalkerCollector from United Kingdom

This was a commission piece, and from start to finish, Yaroslav has been a pleasure to deal with. Communication was excellent, and the delivery was well-packaged and on time. I am amazed at the detail and accuracy of the artwork. Yaroslav is a true professional and a very talented artist. I would highly recommend him.

Dan CibCollector from the USA

I received this painting over two weeks ago it is a really lovely painting. On a daily basis I look at the painting and the detail is excellent. The painting was ready to hang which saved me the expense and time having it stretched. I’m going to have the painting framed The painting was very well wrapped, and arrived safely. Thank you Yaroslav

Colin FrancisCollector from United Kingdom

Thank you for the two great works of art. Great colors associated with the beautiful motives, I like it very much. The artworks were very safe packed, very nice. Best wishes from Germany.

Steven SeidelCollector from Germany

Excellent work of art. I received in in very good condition and immediately had it framed.

Steven GetzCollector from the USA

Ваші картини такі яскраві й життєрадісні… Коли на них дивишся, то спочатку відчуваєш подив і захоплення, а потім замилування. Вони створюють світлий радісний настрій. Дякую за насолоду!

Тамара СабельниковаUkraine

Фантастично, феєрично, привертає і не відпускає!!!

Лара БабаєваUkraine

This beautiful painting arrived at my house today, earlier than I was expecting, which was a nice surprise. It had been expertly packaged and was in pristine condition. It appeals to me very much, even more than when I first saw it on this site. It will, I am sure, continue to stimulate my imagination and memories. Thank you, Yaroslav, for creating it.

Steve BennionCollector from United Kingdom

This is a wonderful piece of art, it puts a smile on my face every day… I’ve been lucky enough to visit Kiev a number of times and always observed the women were very beautiful, this piece of art reminds me of this… I would love to know the name of the model? Thank you Yaroslav, great work, I’ll keep my eye on your other material and would not hesitate in recommending his work to interested parties.

Kelvin SpencerCollector from United Kingdom

An amazing and absolutely beautiful painting. I am very very happy to enjoy it every day. The delivery was fast and the painting incredibly well packaged. Perfect communication.

Valerie SartorCollector from France

Beautiful painting, very well packaged. Thank you

Henri SennCollector from United Kingdom

I am very pleased with both artworks I ordered and they will have a nice stop in my lounge. Alan

Alan RoweCollector from United Kingdom

Well packaged and a beautiful piece. Many thanks

Jenine BurgessCollector from United Kingdom

Worth the wait lovely painting.

Andrew HendersonCollector from United Kingdom

The lovely painting arrived very well packaged and arrived in a reasonable amount of time. It’s already hanging on the wall here. Overall, a very positive transaction.

Dave RudinCollector from United States

Second artwork bought from Yaroslav and this time for a commission artwork. Like the first time everything was perfect and the painting is absolutely beautiful.

Valerie SartorCollector from France

Dear Yaroslav, thank you for a great experience, as the painting was well packed and arrived in perfect condition. I think the painting is great. Best Regards. Michael.

Michael WestonCollector from United Kingdom

A beautiful painting depicted accurately in true colors online.

Nicholas WilliamsCollector from United States

Beautiful painting & very unique. Nothing better than a girl & her dog.

LS SmitheyCollector from United States

Was eyeing this off for ages. So strong and striking. Love it. Thank you Yaroslav.

Jane DeDearCollector from Australia

Wonderful art! Thoroughly packaged. Pleasure from start to finish.

Liam SimondsCollector from United Kingdom

Very good!

Sam YeatesCollector from United Kingdom

Most beautiful painting I’ve ever seen. Packaging was very secure. Great all round!

Alex BornemannCollector from United States