GALA SOBOL • Ours on Mars #2. 2020

‘Ours on Mars’ is my new series of fantastic artworks. In it I show how earthlings (“ours”) live on Mars. Everyone has their own house, and next to it is a garden and a vegetable garden. You can always relax in the garden, and fresh fruits and flowers grow there. And fresh vegetables grow in the garden. Many have vineyards.
Everyone has different gardens. It depends on the taste and wealth of the owners. Someone has a pool in the garden, someone has a small glade where you can lie down a little and dream or recall your distant beautiful Earth.
We – earthlings – will always and everywhere remain what we are: romantics, dreamers, but, at the same time, persistent inventors and toiler.

I always draw my artwork promptly with pen and ink or marker or gel pen. I never use before it a pencil and an eraser. When you draw like that, the pictures come out very fresh and lively.

I do my artworks only with high-quality materials: professional watercolors on special watercolor paper. I hope that my paintings will delight you for a long time.

P.S. I pack the paintings unfolded extremely securely in large boxes. No rolled rolls!

Certificate of Authenticity is attached.

The painting will be delivered to you within 10-15 working days by Postal Service “UkrPost”.
Highly safe packaging with a thick cardboard.

YEAR 2020
MEDIUM Ink and Watercolor on Paper
SIZE 50×71 cm. (19,7 x 28 in.)

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